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Aussie dollar paves the way for luxury villa boom in idyllic Bali

The Australian, 19 August 2017

On the island of Bali, the Canggu area is probably the hottest market at present.

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Why celebrities love the villas on Bali's Bukit Peninsula, 01 September, 2016

Villa Tamarama, also has celebrity status, being the Bukit venue for the wedding three years ago of model Jennifer Hawkins and builder Jake Wall. Now it’s for sale for $US 6.5 million ($8.5 million).

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Investment Potential

South China Morning Post, 4 March 2016

Bright outlook for resorts and residential developments, writes PetaTomlinson.

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Bali outstrips glamour destinations for villa investments

The Australian, 13 November 2015

Bali is eclipsing glamour destinations such as Ibiza and Mustique when it comes to real estate investment performance.

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Islands in the sun make property waves

The Australian, 15 July 2015

Bali has outpaced the global glamour destinations of Ibiza and Mustique, with luxury villa and land prices jumping 15 per cent last year compared with just 5 per cent growth on the Spanish and Caribbean havens.

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House of the day - A beachside villa in Bali

The Wall Street Journal, 22 March 2015

This six-bedroom villa in Bali, designed in a traditional Balinese style, sits on two beachfront acres overlooking the Indian Ocean on the southwest coast of the Indonesian island. British owners Neil Franks, a former oil trader turned entrepreneur, and his wife Deborah, a retired accountant, purchased the land in 2003 and spent the next year designing and building the 10,000-square-foot home.

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House of the day - Modern design in Bali

The Wall Street Journal, 27 October 2014

This contemporary home on the Indonesian island has two pavilions, spacious open-air entertainment areas and a tropical garden.

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Do your homework before booking a villa in Bali

The Australian, 01 April 2014

Our job is to ensure that the villas we offer meet our standards. Some villas might be perfect, but at others we might have to train staff, improve furnishings: should these conditions be met, we sign them up. But they have got to maintain that standard.

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Idyllic isles on the rise thanks to buoyant Bali

The Australian, 01 February 2014

Nusa Lembongan has the feel about it of (Queensland's) Stradbroke Island or (Western Australia's) Rottnest Island, and it attracts a lot of empty nesters. The first wave of investors wanted somewhere to escape from Bali. The next wave of investors are people who like it over and above the hustle and bustle of Bali.

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Living overseas is within your reach

The Australian, 21 September 2013

With Indonesia booming, it's a natural movement further afield into the archipelago.

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The Wealth Report 2013: Examining High Net Worth Individuals from around the world

Wealth Report, 06 March 2013

Creating wealth, it seems, is hardwired into us as a species. The total number of HNWIs around the world is increasing once more...

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In Bali, rich foreigners are sparking a property frenzy, but who benefits?

The Guardian, 09 March 2013

Capital appreciation has been substantial in Bali in the past decade. There's been a dramatic increase in Seminyak, where land prices have almost tripled in the last two years because demand is so high and supply so low.

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Limited land in Bali drives investors northward

The Jakarta Post, 14 November 2012

Tabanan’s western coast offers pristine black sandy beaches that have the potential to be world-class surfing spots and is predicted to have a bright prospect as an alternative location for property developments.

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Mining the tropics

The Australian Financial Review, 25 October 2012

70 per cent of our inquiries from Australia come out of Perth. Out of that 70 per cent, probably half are involved in mining.

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Property buyer lured to foreign affairs

The Australian, 10 March 2012

Australians make up 50 per cent of buyers, half of them from Perth. But that's not across the board for Bali. It's (only) happening in Seminyak, Bukit and Jimbaran. Bali will remain popular because there's little competition in other parts of Asia.

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Property investor at home abroad

The Australian, 28 July 2012

Elite Havens is poised to open an office in Lombok because of increased demand stemming from the opening of the international airport in the southern part of the island. Lombok attracts land bankers, particularly to the south where the new airport has opened. It also attracts buyers with up to $US500,000 to spend who can't afford a residential property in Bali, and wealthy clientele who think nothing of paying $US3.5m for a top-shelf villa. For these prices buyers get a luxury beachfront villa on Lombok with several hectares of land fronting white crystal sand beaches.

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Domestic buyers stimulating Bali real estate market, report suggests

Property Wire, 20 July 2011

There are well over 1,000 upscale villas on the island where annual occupancy figures rival those of upscale hotels. Companies such as Elite Havens and the new upstart Marketing Villas Limited headed by former co-founder Jon Stonham are gaining a significant share of luxury rentals.

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That overseas villa looks cheap

The Australian Financial Review, 28 May 2011

In the past there has been some resistance from Australians towards the property market in Bali, with the listed US dollar pricing. But the strength of the Australian dollar has now greatly improved confidence and buying power.

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Special Report: Villa Fever

Property Report, 25 May 2011

The demand for private villas on Bali is off the charts, but still represents a fraction of the accommodation available when compared to the number of hotel rooms.

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Bold buyers venture into Indonesian market

The Australian Financial Review, 06 May 2011

Yogyakarta’s rents are cheap and there is not yet a big real estate investment market. That has not stopped interest in the city. There are lots of French and Dutch involved in the furniture industry in Yogyakarta, a lot of them are long- term expats. Individual investors, financial institutions and companies specialising in land banking are looking to invest in Lombok. We are seeing Sumba come into the minds of these people and others are looking at islands off Flores.

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Even without an ocean view, homes in Bali draw interest

International Herald Tribune, 14 January 2011

Demand for inland properties has increased dramatically in recent years, primarily driven by foreigners from Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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Your Own Piece of Paradise

The Australian Financial Review, 29 October, 2010

“Bali’s real estate values, which saw no pause in the past few years, continue to grow steadily, producing annual double-digit growth… The strength of Indonesia’s powerhouse domestic economy… coupled with a banking industry heavily restrained from exotic business practices post the Asian financial crisis of 1997, have largely immunized the country from the financial meltdown experienced elsewhere…”

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High Time for Builders in Bali

The Australian Financial Review, 26 October, 2010

“Trust is the ultimate thing here...You have to have cultural awareness and government awareness…there’s so many dimensions…”

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House Hunting in Indonesia

The New York Times, 15 September, 2010

“Matthew Georgeson… said the lack of financing for foreigners in Bali’s property market had helped insulate it from the credit crunch… Bali’s foreign buyers are more likely to be expatriates.... Such buyers come from other Asian countries, as well as Australia, France and England. “It really is the United Nations of buyers,…”

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Wealthy Indonesians lift Bali property

South China Morning Post, 16 September, 2009

“People invest for various reasons. The island offers a superb lifestyle. Prices are reasonable. A return on investment of between 5 and 10 per cent per annum is usually possible if you factor in capital appreciation. Transactions for non-residents usually have to be in cash as mortgages are not generally available…”

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Peaks and Troughs

The Financial Times, 23 May, 2009

“I’m quite staggered by the resilience of the market,” adds Matthew Georgeson, a former Hong Kong resident who set up a real estate company, Elite Havens, on the island. He recently heard of two “brilliant” properties, one worth more than and the other just under Rp20.5bn, coming on to the market. “And offers of about 70 per cent of the asking price were rejected straight away…”

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For Sale in Indonesia

The New York Times, 14 October, 2008

“Many buyers come from Australia, France and Italy, as well as the Middle East, according to Matthew Georgeson, partner and director of sales with Elite Havens Group, a real estate firm specializing in sales and rentals of luxury villa. In the past several months, Mr. Georgeson said, the United States lifted its travel advisory, which had cautioned Americans about the dangers of traveling in Indonesia. As a result, he has seen increased interest from American developers and buyers…”

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Bali villa a luxurious spot for shared family vacation

The Vancouver Sun, 26 April, 2008

“The in-house cook and attentive villa staff is what sets a villa apart from a hotel vacation. The cost of a Balinese villa is more than a hotel, but that is easily outweighed by the benefits and the ability to share the cost. The villa experience is ideal for families with young children.”

“I have stayed at backpacker hostels and posh hotels in Bali and the villa by far is my best experience, said Priscilla Hon, one of our friends along on the trip…”

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Bargains fade into the sunset on reborn Bali

The Australian Financial Review, 6 October, 2007

“Non-beachfront property in the Seminyak area has risen 325 per cent in five years and doubled over the past two. There’s been a huge land grab going on. In this area, it’s almost impossible to find beachfront land…”

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Making the House Party a Movable Feast

The New York Times, 17 June, 2007

“The year before he turned 40, Anthony Chaumont, the owner of a furniture import company in Texas, told friends that for his landmark birthday, he planned to give away many of his possessions, go to a Buddhist monastery in northern Thailand and shave his head. Instead, he and his wife, Kim, organized a week-long party for 22 friends and family members that began with a cruise on a Chinese junk in Hong Kong and continued later in the week to an all-night celebration at a Balinese seaside villa with the honoree cast as Hugh Hefner…”

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Heavy traffic on the road to Bali

South China Morning Post, May 2004

“Expats from around Asia are fuelling a surge in the luxury villa market and driving land prices to historical highs. Property prices were rising about 25 percent per year in prime locations and are expected to double over the next three to five years…”

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The only danger is we'll become just far too lazy

The Observer (UK), 28 March, 2004

“Staffed-villa living is particularly suitable for families. There is nothing likely to soothe a harassed parent quicker than suddenly not having to do the cooking and clearing up, washing clothes and cleaning floors. It is possible for both of you to enjoy a lie-in…

Furthermore, every villa we stayed in would comfortably house two or more families and therefore mean your stay would be considerably cheaper than if you booked into a comparable hotel…”

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A Bali beach you'll never want to leave

The New York Times, 22 February 2004

“Now companies like Elite Havens match villa owners with tenants. They are gaining such popularity that many businesses around Asia have begun renting villas for exclusive retreats rather than hotels. Not surprisingly, some rival the fanciest luxury resorts…”

“Most of the people who stay in the area, however, wouldn't be caught dead in a hotel, no matter how luxurious. Renting villas is the thing here, which affords distance from crowds but proximity to the scene. Many villas are a short drive away”

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In Bali, Villas Lure Business Clients

Asian Wall Street Journal, 20 November 2004

“Hotels lure people in with cheap room rates and then nail them on the food' and 'beverage and event costs- corkage fees, must-use hotel catering, event fees, First World pricing for food and drinks, and so on,' says Ian Macaulay, managing director of Elite Havens, a villa rental and sales agency.”

“Villas, in contrast, include the staff in the price, which means it will cost nothing extra to have staffers run down to the local market for vodka and tonic and serve drinks all night…”

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Bali good time to be had

The Guardian, 5 March 2003

“Each villa is like a private mini five-star resort enclosed in its own stone-walled compound either in town, on the beach or up in the verdant rice terraces… For examples check out Elite Havens Bali, a highly respected villa management company…”

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