What makes a good rental villa?

  • Professional management is paramount. A well-run villa with trained, knowledgeable staff who have access to routine oversight by professionals does much to ensure guest satisfaction, which results in positive referrals, repeat business, and a good return to the villa owner.
  • Proximity to preferred holiday activities. These include: beach; shopping; restaurants; night-life; tourist attractions; golf courses; etc.
  • Quiet, peaceful surroundings. Guests do not enjoy traffic noise, loud music from late night entertainment venues, busy temples with loudspeaker systems, and noisy chicken farms.
  • A harmonious balance between gardens and buildings. Some villas are crammed into small plots of land which leaves little space for gardens. Most guests come to Bali to escape cramped urban environments. A spacious garden adds to the appeal of a villa, especially if there is no view.
  • A good mix of outdoor and indoor living areas. Guests love sitting and dining areas which are open to the breeze, but most also appreciate an air-conditioned day-time haven too.
  • Bedrooms should all be air-conditioned and have en-suite bathrooms.
  • First class maintenance and housekeeping. A leaking roof and constant equipment malfunctions create dissatisfaction which affects referrals and repeat business.
  • Paved road access. A villa that does not have an access road more suited to 4-wheel drive vehicles will experience reduced occupancy.