Bali News

Near Bali, Lombok invests in Sharia tourism

Japan Times, 23 February 2015

A short hop from the bars and nightclubs of Bali, a Saudi family holidaying on Lombok hears the call to prayer wafting over the self-styled “island of 1,000 mosques.”

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Bali property investment: outer islands take off, 6 September 2014

Bali seems more popular and crowded than ever. New resorts, hotels, villas and condos are popping up all over the island, while the new airport and more direct flights ship in huge volumes of tourists from all over the world, eager to enjoy a vacation or short getaway on the Island of the Gods. Although the tourist industry is booming, some are wondering if the development in Bali is going too fast for its own good – it has already taken a turn for the worst in terms of traffic jams and garbage.

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Elite Havens

Living overseas is within your reach

The Australian, 21 September 2013

With Indonesia booming, it's a natural movement further afield into the archipelago.

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