Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is located on the north-eastern tip of the Bukit area.

The name Nusa Dua was given to the artificially constructed enclave of 5-star hotels with their manicured lawns and carefully swept beaches, designed to minimize ‘cultural pollution’ of tourism on the island.

Now, Nusa Dua has come to mean the general area around the hotel precinct. Its safe beaches are popular with expatriate families with young children, and it’s home to a well-known 18-hole golf course.

Benoa is the narrow peninsular which juts into the bay between Bali’s harbour and the eastern flight path into the airport. It’s characterised by 3- and 4-star hotels which focus on water sports.

There are quite a number of owner-occupier villas in Nusa Dua, but because the area caters largely to hotel guests catering to the one bedroom travel market and there is not a lot of independent restaurants and nightlife, it’s not a traditionally popular area for clients seeking short term holiday villa rentals.


Community living with ocean views

REF#: L892

Location: Nusa Dua
Land Size: 1990 m2
Views: Ocean
Title: Freehold
List Price (IDR): 4.975.000.000
Equivalent (USD): 332,743